simBio 0.3.02 released.

A new release of simBio is now available at

Changes from previous version are

  1. The human cardiac cell model proposed by ten Tusscher et al (2004) is included at src/xml/tenTusscher_et_al_2004, see for other models.
  2. Be able to modify a model xml to change settings from control. see src/xml/matsuoka_et_al2003/Fig.2.make.xml, also src/xml/kuratomi_et_al_2003.xml is deleted and the modification from matsuoka_et_al_2003 is written in kuratomi_et_al_2003.make.xml
  3. Add some tests.
  4. A duplicated jar is deleted.
  5. Some Javadoc comments are revised.
  6. Bugs are fixed, such as Ist, Ito, GUI.

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» simBio 0.3.02 released from Department of Physiology and Biophysics
A new release of simBio is now available... [Read More]

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