how to use


Java2-SDK 1.4.x from
The simBio is developed using Java2 SDK 1.4.2_01.

1st install java

Follow the instructions provided by

2nd extract all

includes are

  1. docs
  2. lib
  3. xml
  4. simBio-0.2-*.jar

3rd run simBio

execute 'simBio-0.2-*.jar'. Double-click it or open DOS pronpt, and input

cd "simBio.0.2"
java -jar simBio-0.2-*.jar 

Select xml/matsuoka_et_al_2003/ventricularCell_RK.xml from the menu 'File' - 'Open'.

4th calculate the model

click 'Model' - 'Start', the calculation will be done.
you can change the every value in the table.
If you want to calculate other model, please select proper xml such as "xml/hodgkin_huxley_1952/squid_axon.xml".

To use cool bar, select 'Tool' - 'Option', and drug and drop the buttons.

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